Each cream in our Québon Ultra’cream line is unique, so you’ll find one that’s just right for your every cooking need. Whether you want to add a touch of richness to a bowl of fresh fruit or prepare a velvety cream sauce, just get to know these creams and the recipe ideas will flow… Be inspired and enjoy!

Coffee Creams

  • Cream & Milk Blend for Coffee 5 % M.F.

    All the flavour and smoothness of cream with the lightness of milk. Québon Ultra‘Cream 5 % Cream & Milk Blend for Coffee is the perfect marriage of passion and reason.
    Abandon yourself to the lighter pleasures of creamy coffee.

    • ?5 %Available in:
      473 mL
  • Coffee Cream 10 % M.F.

    10 % cream is also called coffee cream, cereal cream, or half-and-half.
    Ideal for coffee and hot chocolate, it also enhances the flavour and texture of foods.
    Light yet creamy, it advantageously replaces milk in most cooked dishes. Because of its low fat content however, it may lack consistency during cooking.

    • ?10 %Available in:
      237 mL - 473 mL - 1L

Cooking Creams

Specially designed for cooking, they are perfect for enhancing the flavour of pastas, quiches, salads, and sauces. Cooking creams do not get lumpy, do not separate, cook well with wines and alcohols, are never tart, and withstand heat, all the while giving sauces and coulis an unequalled sparkle.

  • Dairy Blend for Cooking 5 % M.F.

    Wonderfully creamy, our 5 % Dairy Blend for Cooking is lighter, but just as thick and rich tasting as 15 % Cooking Cream.

    • ?5 %Available in:
      473 mL
  • Cooking Cream 15 % M.F.

    15 % Cooking Cream is ideal for cooking light dishes and reducing sauces.

    • ?15 %Available in:
      500 mL
  • Cooking Cream 35 % M.F.

    The accomplice of cordon-bleu chefs, 35 % M.F. Cooking Cream maintains a lovely texture, reduces more rapidly, and loses less cooking volume than regular 35 % creams.

    • ?35 %Available in:
      473 mL - 1L

Country Style Creams

These thick creams are reminiscent of old-fashioned cream and are ideal for topping fruits and desserts.

  • Country Style Cream 15 % M.F.

    Lighter 15 % Country Style Cream replaces 35 % cream to top fresh fruits and desserts.

    • ?15 %Available in:
      1L - 473 mL - 237 mL
  • Country Style Cream 35 % M.F.

    35 % Country Style Cream is a must with maple sugar pie and is the ideal topping for all very sweet desserts.

    • ?35 %Available in:
      473 mL

Custard Cream

  • Custard Cream 3 % M.F.

    To top or decorate desserts in an instant, there is nothing more practical than Québon Ultra‘Cream Custard Cream. With its flavourful touch of vanilla, it adds magic to your fresh fruits, pies, cakes, and everyday delights. It goes wonderfully with snow eggs, chocolate fudge cake, carrot cake, apple crumble, fruit pies or pecan pie.

    • ?3 %Available in:
      473 mL and 1L

Table Cream

  • Table Cream 15 % M.F.

    With its fresh taste, full-bodied flavour, and smooth and shiny finish, Québon Ultra‘Cream 15 % Table Cream reigns as one of the pleasures of the table. This versatile 15 % cream is also known as light cream. It enhances the taste of soups, coulis and light dishes.
    Delicious on fresh fruit, it is also a delight for lovers of velvety coffee.
    Note that a single shot will loosen up over-beaten whipped cream.

    • ?15 %Available in:
      237 mL - 473 mL

Whipping Creams

  • Whipping Cream 35 % M.F.

    Québon Ultra’Cream Whipping Cream is designed for fast whipping and goes marvelously with pastries and fine confections.
    When whipped very cold with almost icy utensils, it will trap more air bubbles and can double in volume (a yield that could reach 100 %).

    • ?35 %Available in:
      1 L
    • ?35 %Available in:
      237 mL - 473 mL
  • Whipped Cream 20 % M.F. (aerosol)

    Made with real cream, Québon Ultra’Cream Aerosol Whipping Cream produces a light foam that is at once soft and firm, tasty and fluffy.
    Perfect for the snappy decoration of mousses, cakes and other pastries. Ideal for last-minute dessert preparations.
    A 225 g container can yield approximately 1 L of whipping cream.

    • ?20 %Available in:
      225 g